Door to door



Free Estimateprocena


- Based on our estimate, we present you the best moving solution.

- "We Listen" to Your concerns

- Planning and Organizing and fast and efficient moving of your Household Goods
and Personal Effects,

- Continuous monitoring and follow-up through all phases of your Relocation.




Packing packing


- Our Packaging materials are designed for international shipping to provide maximum protection of your personal belongings.

- Experts packing will insure that your belongings will be properly protected and moved without any problems.

- Wooden crates for fragile items or whole shipment can be made upon client’s request.




Customs Clearance


- We advice you about necessary import documents.

- Import and Export Customs Clearance will be made in one day.





- Transportation from Your Old Residance to Your New Residance,

- We can send Trucks to Any Destination in Europe,

- Air and Sea transportation can be made to any Destination in the World.




- Delivery of your Personal Effects and Household Goods at your New Residence,delivery

- Full unpacking, reassembly and setup of furniture at your New Residence or New Office is provided,

- Room set-up upon request and with specific instructions provided by the Client

- We will remove all debris after the job is complete.

- As part of our environmental responsibility, we always take used packing material for recycling.